A Statement from Mike Kavanagh on Outside PACs

I learned today [Oct. 26] that a conservative PAC, acting in response to the Soros PAC which has poured millions of dollars into DA across the country promoting an agenda, has placed an ad in the race for Ulster County district attorney.

These PACS act independent of the candidates, without any contact or input from the campaigns. Believe me, having fallen victim to Soros PAC four years ago, I understand the temptation to embrace this support. However, I remain forthright in my belief that no PAC, liberal or conservative, should attempt to interfere in local elections, certainly not in a race for district attorney.

The safety of Ulster County residents is at stake in this election and Ulster County should not be a test ground for any PAC or political party’s agenda. This is why I am running as a non-affiliated candidate. I believe that the voters of Ulster County are educated voters and do not need any outsourced money in this campaign to make the right choice.

– Michael Kavanagh Candidate, Ulster County District Attorney