Election time is here

It is time to begin electioneering again and I want to endorse Michael J. Kavanagh for Ulster County District Attorney. I have known Mr. Kavanagh for ten years and he is one of the finest people I have ever known. Not only is he a brilliant lawyer, but a very honest one. I met him when I went to the animal abuse cases prosecuted by Holley Carnright’s district attorney’s office in 2013. Mike became the chief assistant DA and managed to bring to justice five horrible, cruel men who killed animals for spite. After that, other DAs from all over our state called the office to ask for help and ideas. Our present DA may be a nice man, but he doesn’t come close to Mike’s experience. We have had a mess out of that office for the past three years. For the benefit of all the victims of crime, we need to put party politics aside and vote for the best person.

Lucy Muller, New Paltz

Hudson Valley One, March 1, 2023