Endorsement from D. Holley Carnright, Former Ulster County District Attorney

I have been asked my opinion who would best serve us as the next DA. So here it is.

I could not care less what political party a candidate is endorsed by. It has been my experience that political parties and PAC monies do little to educate the voters or to offer true insights regarding a candidate.

I have known and worked with both Michael Kavanagh and Emmanuel Nneji for literally their entire careers. I served as Chief Assistant District Attorney in the 1980s, Assistant Public Defender for 25 years and then more recently I served as your District Attorney.

It is no secret that the current administration has not been successful.

Emmanuel’s statement that if elected he will carry on Clegg’s “legacy” because “they are doing everything right”, in my judgment, displays a total and irreparable disconnect on his part as to what our community needs to restore confidence in the Criminal Justice System and therefore, I cannot support him.

I am not alone in this judgment. The list of retired members of the criminal justice community who have endorsed Mike, as well as the universal support from the men and women who currently serve us is unprecedented in today’s political landscape.

As the Law and Order prologue goes…

“In the criminal justice system, the people are represented by two separate yet equally important groups. The police who investigate crime and the District Attorneys who prosecute the offenders.”- Dick Wolf

I opine that the lack of support from the Law Enforcement community for Emmanuel is a harbinger of tough times ahead should he be elected.

Mike is 100% genuine. He is 100% honest. In this world we seldom find people who have his compassion for victims.

I wholeheartedly endorse Michael Kavanagh for District Attorney, 100% no hesitation.

– D. Holley Carnright, Former Ulster County District Attorney