Endorsement from Honorable Robert Vosper, Former Town Justice of Rosendale

I am writing this letter to endorse Michael Kavanagh for Ulster County’s next District Attorney.

Mike has served our community for well over 20 years as a prosecutor, private practice attorney, and recently at the Public Defenders office, which gives him a balanced perspective of our criminal justice system.

He is well aware of the issues that affect our community and the justice system. That awareness will give him insight, when dealing with those individuals who find themselves enmeshed in our criminal justice system.

Mike understands the underlying reasons people end up involved in our justice system. He was a member of the Ulster County Opioid Task Force and a former Chief of the Conviction Integrity Unit in the DA’s office, which reviewed convictions to see that the outcomes were just. The DA’s job is not to just convict individuals, but also to ensure that justice is served.

Mike also decided to run as an Independent not as a Republican so as to not muddle the DA’s office with political influences.

I had the privilege of serving the people of Rosendale as their Town Justice for over 24 yrs and Michael Kavanagh was a breath of fresh air whenever he appeared in my court, whether as the prosecutor or at the defense table.

The office of District Attorney is a serious position, so, when you enter the voting booth, and “pull that lever,” make sure it is for someone who will serve us well. And that person is Michael Kavanagh.

PS: I am a registered Democrat my whole adult life.