Endorsement from Retired Judge Joseph J. Traficanti

I was delighted to learn that Michael Kavanagh is again a candidate for District Attorney of Ulster County.
Mike is exceptionally qualified for this position which is so important to the citizens of Ulster County and
beyond. This conclusion is based on several important factors:

His experience as a prosecutor for nearly 20 years in indicting, charging and convicting some of the most
dangerous criminals in Ulster County speaks for itself. It’s importance goes beyond that, however. A
prosecutor in our system of justice is a “quasi-judicial officer”. The position requires carefully developed
evaluations on when to charge a crime (and when not to), what crime to charge and the ability to exercise
the mature, analytical and critical judgement to truly do justice—to always do justice objectively and without favor or rancor.

Mike has demonstrated over the years as a prosecutor, including his leadership role as chief assistant to
former DA Holley Carnright, that he qualifies to fill this professional mandate. He has shown good
judgement and foresight. Mike understands well that our democracy depends on the rule of law, requires
equal treatment for all, and never surrenders to the highest bidder. This requires integrity and
independence. Mike has exhibited both time and time again.

Michael’s qualities go beyond, however. He has addressed the harsh reality of domestic violence in striving for prevention, served on the Elder Abuse Task Force, advocated for a holistic approach to Mental Health and drug abuse issues, and, so importantly in these unpredictable days, school safety.

Accordingly, I take great pleasure in adding my whole-hearted endorsement of Michael Kavanagh’s
candidacy for Ulster County District Attorney.

Very truly yours,
Judge Joseph J. Traficanti (Retired)
Surrogate Court Judge of Ulster County and
Deputy Chief Administrative Judge, NYS