Endorsement from Retired Ulster Police Detective William E. Moylan

I am writing to commend Michael Kavanagh and endorse him for the position of Ulster County District Attorney. Michael Kavanagh previously served as the Chief Assistant District Attorney at the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office from 2015 to 2020. During this time, Mr. Kavanagh’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to the pursuit of justice had a lasting impact on our community.

Michael Kavanagh is not only highly knowledgeable about the law, but he also demonstrates an unwavering passion for the cases he handles. His deep understanding of legal matters and his meticulous approach to each case have set a standard of excellence in our legal community.

One of Mr. Kavanagh’s exceptional qualities is his willingness to work closely with law enforcement and the victims in each case that he handles. He consistently goes above and beyond to provide guidance to Law Enforcement. Whether it is assisting in drafting search warrants or ensuring the precise wording of criminal charges in significant cases, Mr. Kavanagh’s expertise has proven invaluable.

What truly sets Michael Kavanagh apart is his approachability and dedication to the people he serves. His open-door policy makes it easy for individuals in our community to seek guidance and assistance, further reinforcing the trust and transparency in our justice system. Michael Kavanagh’s role as Chief ADA was highly instrumental in upholding justice within Ulster County. His legal prowess, genuine care for the cases he handles, and strong relationship with law enforcement make him a true asset to our community. We were fortunate to have such a dedicated and competent legal professional leading our prosecution team while he was in office.

Retired Ulster Police Detective William E. Moylan