Grassroots Effort Secures Independent Line on Ballot for Ulster County District Attorney Race

Ulster County, June 6 — Mike Kavanagh, a dedicated independent running for Ulster County District Attorney, has achieved a significant milestone in his campaign. Despite already appearing on the ballot as a Republican candidate, Kavanagh’s campaign has successfully acquired enough signatures to secure a second line with the Libertarian Party. The campaign’s grassroots army of volunteers collected an impressive total of over 1,700 signatures from Ulster County voters.

In a statement regarding this achievement, Mike Kavanagh, who is not enrolled in any political party, expressed gratitude for the remarkable effort exhibited by his team of supporters.

“This was a Herculean effort – and quite remarkable given the obstacles put in place by the powers that be in Albany designed to keep truly independent candidates off the ballot,” he said. “To qualify for the ballot, the campaign needed a minimum of 1,500 signatures from Ulster County residents supporting my candidacy, surpassing the requirement of 1,000 that applies to the Democrat and Republican parties.”

The success of this petition drive is a testament to the belief held by the diverse group of signatories, who come from various political backgrounds and persuasions, unified in their desire for a District Attorney who is truly independent, devoid of any allegiance to political bosses or parties.

Kavanagh emphasized his commitment to independence, stating, “I am not enrolled in any political party because I strongly believe that the District Attorney should not be involved in partisan politics. I am the only candidate for District Attorney who is truly independent, not beholden to any politician or political entity. If elected, my sole commitment will be to the law-abiding people of Ulster County.”

Kavanagh firmly believes that playing politics with people’s lives or public safety is unacceptable.

With this significant accomplishment, Kavanagh’s campaign gains even greater momentum as they prepare to offer voters a distinct choice for the position of District Attorney.