Kavanagh for DA Interview with Rita Vanacore

Last week, Mike Kavanagh appeared on Planet Seniors with host Rita Vanacore to discuss various issues related to his campaign.

Here are some of the things they discussed:

Mike’s Background and Work Experience

“I currently am a civil attorney, but I do some criminal defense for Mainetti & Mainetti. I also work part-time with the Ulster County Public Defender’s Office, where I represent indigent clients who are accused of committing crimes.”

What’s Different Between Now and Four Years Ago?

“It was a slim margin… what’s different now is what has transpired in the last three years at the DA’s office. After last time, if you had asked me if I was going to run again, I would’ve said you’re crazy, there was no shot. I had no interest in going through that again. The theme is going to be independence, and the fact the District Attorney’s office should be an apolitical position.”

How does politician affiliation affect voters?

“A lot of people look to their parties for their beliefs, as opposed to forming their own beliefs, and establishing what they think is right in their mind and holding those views.”

How can you add to public safety and wellbeing?

“Talking specifically about the District Attorney’s Office, the public has to have confidence in the criminal justice system. Having a competent office that’s responsive to the public needs is crucial. I believe very strongly that there needs to be a good relationship with law enforcement. It needs to be separate, but there needs to be a good relationship and good communication.”

Why is experience important for a district attorney?

“Anytime you’re looking to be promoted to a position, you need to have the requisite experience to do the job effectively.”

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