Letter: Mike Kavanagh’s Independence Makes Him Best Choice for DA

To the Editor: There are a lot of reasons to be disenchanted with both the Republican and Democrat parties.

Trump vs. Biden, mass shootings and no progress on gun control. Rampant inflation and the national deficit.
It’s not hard to come up with a dozen reasons to turn away from politics but none of these are the issues that relate to the Ulster County District Attorney race.

This is why Mike Kavanagh is an independent. Mike has all the qualities of a good district attorney.

He has two decades of experience as both a successful prosecutor and defense attorney, he is an excellent civil attorney and he has practiced in Family Court. He has been on the elder abuse task force, the county opioids task force and the Ulster County animal abuse bureau, and has been a supervising attorney for the Ulster County DA’s Office domestic violence prosecutorial team.

It’s time we change the direction of the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office. Many experienced attorneys have left that department. Cases have been thrown out due to errors and mishandling.

Mike Kavanagh must be elected to restore fair justice, and safety in our community.
Please support Mike for Ulster County District Attorney!

Bruce Tuchman, Saugerties