Local Donors Helped Us Outraise Our Opponent in Latest Campaign Filings

It’s gratifying that the overwhelming majority of the folks who contributed to our campaign come from Ulster County.  They live here, are raising their families here, have businesses here, and work here.  They want Mike to be our next DA because they love Ulster County and care deeply about its future.

While we deeply appreciate the support we’ve received from people who live in Ulster County we are mindful that four years ago PACS – political groups that had no connection to Ulster – flooded Ulster County with false and misleading ads in an attempt to influence the last election for DA, and could try to do it again in this election.

We cannot let that happen – the decision as to who should be our next District Attorney should be made by people who live here, and not by outside groups that care more about a political agenda than they do about the welfare of Ulster County.