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After consulting with my team, it appears that the current vote tally provides Manny Nneji an insurmountable lead in the race for Ulster County District Attorney. Therefore, we have asked the Board of Elections to cease counting any remaining outstanding absentee ballots and declare Mr. Nneji the winner. I want to congratulate Manny and wish… Read More

Endorsement from D. Holley Carnright, Former Ulster County District Attorney

I have been asked my opinion who would best serve us as the next DA. So here it is. I could not care less what political party a candidate is endorsed by. It has been my experience that political parties and PAC monies do little to educate the voters or to offer true insights regarding… Read More

A Statement from Mike Kavanagh on Outside PACs

I learned today [Oct. 26] that a conservative PAC, acting in response to the Soros PAC which has poured millions of dollars into DA across the country promoting an agenda, has placed an ad in the race for Ulster County district attorney. These PACS act independent of the candidates, without any contact or input from… Read More

Plans for the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office

The last four years have been a tumultuous time in the UCDA’s Office. There is no question significant change is needed. When elected, I will: 1. Bring back seasoned and dedicated prosecutors who left under the current administration and have approached me about returning. They will be able to successfully prosecute the most dangerous offenders,… Read More

Drillings: Kavanagh the Clear Choice for DA

The Hurley Democratic Committee recently posted an opinion that was derogatory of Michael Kavanagh and his feelings toward the Jewish People. My People. You see, my father was a Holocaust survivor of five concentration camps. My mother, an Israeli who did her service for the Israeli army in the 1950s, recently found out her cousin… Read More

Endorsement from Retired Ulster Police Detective William E. Moylan

I am writing to commend Michael Kavanagh and endorse him for the position of Ulster County District Attorney. Michael Kavanagh previously served as the Chief Assistant District Attorney at the Ulster County District Attorney’s Office from 2015 to 2020. During this time, Mr. Kavanagh’s dedication, expertise, and commitment to the pursuit of justice had a… Read More

Endorsement from Honorable Robert Vosper, Former Town Justice of Rosendale

I am writing this letter to endorse Michael Kavanagh for Ulster County’s next District Attorney. Mike has served our community for well over 20 years as a prosecutor, private practice attorney, and recently at the Public Defenders office, which gives him a balanced perspective of our criminal justice system. He is well aware of the… Read More

Endorsement from Retired Judge Joseph J. Traficanti

I was delighted to learn that Michael Kavanagh is again a candidate for District Attorney of Ulster County.Mike is exceptionally qualified for this position which is so important to the citizens of Ulster County andbeyond. This conclusion is based on several important factors: His experience as a prosecutor for nearly 20 years in indicting, charging… Read More

Endorsement from Former Town of Ulster Judge Marsha Weiss

Letter to the Editor and fellow Ulster County residents, For 20 years, I served as Town Justice in the Town of Ulster. Before that, I was an Assistant District Attorney for 13 years. During those years, I had many opportunities to work with both candidates currently running for Ulster County District Attorney. It is with… Read More

Endorsement from New York State Troopers PBA

“The Police Benevolent Association of the New York State Troopers, Inc. is proud to announce the endorsement of Michael J. Kavanagh for election as Ulster County District Attorney. It is with careful consideration that the NYSTPBA is endorsing Michael J. Kavanagh for election as Ulster County District Attorney. The NYSTPBA is confident that Michael J.… Read More

Endorsement from James Sottile (D), Former Mayor of City of Kingston

It is with confidence that I offer my enthusiastic endorsement for Independent Candidate Michael Kavanagh in his bid for the position of Ulster County District Attorney. Having served as the Mayor of Kingston for ten years. I have had the privilege of working closely with the District Attorney’s office and law enforcement agencies, and I… Read More

Statement to Congregation Agudas Achim

Because I will not have the opportunity to express this in person tonight, I want to extend my heartfelt thoughts and prayers to the Jewish community who are experiencing unfathomable grief as a result of the cowardly and horrific terrorist acts of Hamas against the good people of Israel. Many of us recall in exacting… Read More

Local Donors Helped Us Outraise Our Opponent in Latest Campaign Filings

It’s gratifying that the overwhelming majority of the folks who contributed to our campaign come from Ulster County.  They live here, are raising their families here, have businesses here, and work here.  They want Mike to be our next DA because they love Ulster County and care deeply about its future. While we deeply appreciate… Read More

Letter: Kavanagh is an Honorable Man

Thank you to Lucy Muller, of New Paltz, for supporting our campaign in a 10/3 letter to the Kingston Wire: “He is one of the kindest, most honest and honorable of men… He is the most experienced of the two men running for DA and will make Ulster County a safer place for all of… Read More

Endorsement from Matthew J. Parker (D), Former Village of Ellenville Justice

To the editor and citizens of Ulster County, I am writing this letter to advise of my full endorsement of Michael Kavanagh for the office of Ulster County District Attorney. As a Chief Assistant District Attorney Mike has prosecuted some of the most serious crimes in our county including murder, rape and domestic abusers. For… Read More

Statement on Ulster County Cares II Grant Audit

Almost two months ago, Ulster County Comptroller March Gallagher published an audit her office performed on Ulster County’s Cares II Small Business Assistance Program.  This program was initiated to provide financial assistance to small businesses struggling during the COVID crisis.  It was funded with $1,000,000 and administered by the Ulster County Economic Development Alliance (UCEDA).… Read More

New York State Police Investigators Association Endorses Mike Kavanagh

Mike Kavanagh, an independent voter running for Ulster County District Attorney, has earned the endorsement of the New York State Police Investigators Association. In an endorsement letter, NYSPIA President Timothy M. Dymond writes, “During your many years spent practicing law through time spent as an Assistant Public Defender and Chief Assistant District Attorney, you have… Read More

Police Chiefs Association of Ulster County Endorses Kavanagh for DA

Mike Kavanagh, an independent voter running for Ulster County District Attorney, has earned the endorsement of the Police Chiefs Association of Ulster County. The endorsement marks the sixth announced endorsement from a law enforcement-related organization in Ulster County in this election contest; all six have been for Mr. Kavanagh. In the endorsement, PCAUC President Scott… Read More

Michael Kavanagh Interviewed by Cameron Rylance & Taylor Bruck on KCR

On May 30, Mike Kavanagh appeared on Cameron Rylance & Taylor Bruck’s weekly show on Kingston Community Radio. Here are some of the things they talked about: Why is Mike Running? “The work is what attracts me, the service. When you have a major case, it’s remarkable the impact it has on the victims and… Read More

Grassroots Effort Secures Independent Line on Ballot for Ulster County District Attorney Race

Ulster County, June 6 — Mike Kavanagh, a dedicated independent running for Ulster County District Attorney, has achieved a significant milestone in his campaign. Despite already appearing on the ballot as a Republican candidate, Kavanagh’s campaign has successfully acquired enough signatures to secure a second line with the Libertarian Party. The campaign’s grassroots army of… Read More

Kavanagh for DA Interview with Rita Vanacore

Last week, Mike Kavanagh appeared on Planet Seniors with host Rita Vanacore to discuss various issues related to his campaign. Here are some of the things they discussed: Mike’s Background and Work Experience “I currently am a civil attorney, but I do some criminal defense for Mainetti & Mainetti. I also work part-time with the… Read More

A Call for Volunteers

The Kavanagh for Ulster County District Attorney campaign needs your help to get an additional line on the ballot. All we need are for registered voters in Ulster County, of any affiliation, to sign and date our petitions within the next week.  It’s fast and easy, and even if you can get five signatures, that… Read More

A Statement on the Kingston High School Cafeteria Attack

Last Wednesday, a 15-year old Kingston High School student was attacked and beaten by two other students. This assault was perpetrated in front of 300 other students and captured on video. The victim was rendered unconscious and suffered seizures from a traumatic brain injury. He was airlifted to Westchester Medical Center where he, according to… Read More

Letter: Mike Kavanagh’s Independence Makes Him Best Choice for DA

To the Editor: There are a lot of reasons to be disenchanted with both the Republican and Democrat parties. Trump vs. Biden, mass shootings and no progress on gun control. Rampant inflation and the national deficit.It’s not hard to come up with a dozen reasons to turn away from politics but none of these are… Read More

Election time is here

It is time to begin electioneering again and I want to endorse Michael J. Kavanagh for Ulster County District Attorney. I have known Mr. Kavanagh for ten years and he is one of the finest people I have ever known. Not only is he a brilliant lawyer, but a very honest one. I met him… Read More

Kavanagh to run for Ulster DA

“Attorney Mike Kavanagh announced Saturday that he will run for Ulster County District Attorney, a position once held by his father. “Today, I am proud to announce my candidacy to be Ulster County’s next District Attorney,” Kavanagh said in a press release. “It is with an acute understanding of the challenges presented by this position… Read More